Joan Cambon – Reshaping…

Joan Cambon – Reshaping…


Reshaping the seasons for Kaori’s body”, the second solo album by Joan Cambon (co-founder of Arca with Sylvain Chauveau) was composed of samples from the 4 Seasons by Vivaldi, as well as snippets of sounds produced by the dancer Kaori Ito and some Japanese radio previews. The origin of this album is the composition of the music for “Plexus”, solo dance Aurélien Bory for Kaori Ito (choreographer and dancer for James Thierrèe, Decouflé, Alain Platel, Angelin Preljocaj, Denis Podalydès…), a work based on the following themes: impermanence, strata, Japan, the body, the portrait of Kaori, strings (thousands of son is the scenography of.) Sound material, which should avoid any idea of ​​folklore, was then imposed: 4 seasons (for the idea of ​​impermanence, Preljocaj’s choreography that Kaori had interpreted as the sounds of strings, familiar to all world), the body of Kaori and radio recordings (both traces of contemporary Japan and familiar colours of childhood Kaori.) In the end, eleven pieces form a coherent whole album (among which are the four major music shows.)

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