Richard Ginns – Fall, Rise

Richard Ginns – Fall, Rise


‘Fall, Rise’ documents an experience during a winter trip to the Alps in France.

“Inspired by a snowstorm/whiteout I was alone and the weather was turning fast, the snowstorm completely took over and visibility was next to zero. Far from home, cold, tired and in fear of my surroundings, the reality of where I was really hit me.”

“Stranded, an empty wilderness, surviving against the elements”

“A path would lead me home … A voice in the distance, to which direction it was coming from exactly I couldn’t tell … I began to trek knowing my ears would guide me … Bringing me back home!!”

“Richard Ginns made this record because he almost died. That’s a rather dramatic way to open an introduction to your album, or a review, but his inspiration for this release was being caught in a snowstorm and whiteout conditions whilst in the French Alps. One might very well make the assumption that the music within the record will be heavy, cloying, dark ambient constructions filled with fear and morbid introspection, but the opposite largely appears to be true, as Richard instead focuses on the details and the minutiae of his surroundings rather than the tenuous situation at hand.”

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