Bleeding Heart Narrative – Tongue Tangled Hair (CD)

Bleeding Heart Narrative – Tongue Tangled Hair (CD)


The CD features a fantastically detailed drawing from Bleeding Heart Narrative, folding out around the gatefold thick-card sleeve in a two colour print.

All copies come with a 12-panel foldout insert, and the 200 limited copies also include an extra two-colour numbered screenprint, and are also hand-numbered and sewn together.

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The second full-length album from Bleeding Heart Narrative released through Tartaruga Records…

Fans of the first album (the first release on Tartaruga, back in March 2008) will have an idea of what to expect, though the album presents itself as a development of the sounds and ideas that made ‘all that was missing we never had in the world’ such a word-of-mouth favourite.

More song-structured than the previous release, there is a much clearer vocal presence on the record, as heard in the free track Colours Turn Colours. The approach of Bleeding Heart Narrative continues to show a fascination with sounds and textures, and a willingness to experiment with a wide array of instrumentation. Organ, 12-string guitar, electronics, cello and piano all play a part, though there is a strong coherence to the album as a whole that is unmistakenably Bleeding Heart Narrative.

This album is available in a wider release than previous Tartaruga records, and should be available in a few more stores around the country. However, sticking with tradition, 200 of the copies are extra-limited-edition, featuring sewn sleeves, hand-numbered, and with an extra two-colour foldout screenprint enclosed.


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