Darryl Burke Mahoney – Untitled

Darryl Burke Mahoney – Untitled


Cassette format with risograph printed artwork in a limited edition of 100 copies…

The sounds found on Darryl Burke Mahoney’s first release are reminiscent of his hometown in Lachine, Quebec where the spectre of industry looms upon the lower avenues and the dormant factories present a rich palimpsest. There is expansive decay, a resistance to gentrification, as though suburban teenagers crawl inside these crumbling spaces to waste away the years.

A happenstance of sounds seep from these abandoned, commercial properties: water trickling through a concrete ceiling, the fumbled rhythms of a broken air conditioner, a stripped bolt scuttling through a tin pipe. Even the lights of Mahoney’s samplers gleam through a veneer of impenetrable dust settling among the nocturnal emissions of traffic lights and the asthma of train-whistles in the distance.

There is a curiosity to revisit this document, to witness the exquisite dissolution of its interiors. Items previously observed will suddenly seem moved or misplaced. Still, other machinery will be immovable but ever-changing. A story written in a corrosive language, an impermanent literature.

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