Mohave Weapons – Smoked Mystics (Tape)

Mohave Weapons – Smoked Mystics (Tape)


Anthropological audiophiles feared that all forms of smouldered geometric sound magic had died away when Europeans reached far in to the desert wilderness of western America. Although this sand based kahuna was never officially outlawed, the decline of native culture saw many forms of sonic sorcery die out as the acoustic conjurers were unable to pass on their wisdom to new aural apprentices.

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Mohave Triangles remind us that we all have magical powers or abilities and don’t even know it. It may have been in our blood line for generations but until we either receive our ‘calling’ or recognize its existence it will most likely continue to go un-noticed. Rather than take five or eight generations before you become aware of your hidden ancestral gift immerse your mind, body and soul in to the realm of Smoked Mystics and set your arcane spirituality free once again.


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