Damian Valles – Fixtures (Tape)

Damian Valles – Fixtures (Tape)


Fixtures’ contains 9 tracks that expand on the darker, more noisier elements found in the droning/ambient soundscapes Valles has been experimenting with as of late.

A blend of distorted sounds, dusty acoustic guitars, old pianos, and field recordings mixed with slowly evolving tones and brooding passages.

Released in an edition of  50 copies in cassette format & beautifully packaged in a 2 colour screen printed slipcase. Released through the Australian imprint  Left (field) Recordings.

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Fixtures is an extremely varied set of compositions that straddle the lines between ambient and experimental; using a combination of piano, guitar, field recordings and all the other usual suspects, Damian has set fourth capturing a very winter based sound set but applying that atmosphere and tone to a bunch of different textures and soundscapes – Fluid Radio

Valles covers a lot of ground in the recording’s nearly hour-long running time, making Fixtures an essential and summative chapter in his discography – Textura


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