Mortuus Auris And The Black Hand

Mortuus Auris And The Black Hand


Mortuus Auris and his Black Hand is actually a chap called Peter Taylor and this is this alter ego. Not like in a mad schizophrenic way but more in a kind of way that you just have a different name to do things. Eg Hulk Hogan wouldn’t be anywhere near as popular if he he used his reall name of Terry Gene Bollea, so if you’re in the biz I guess you gotta do these things. Limited to 50 copies job and it’s rather lovely.

Throbbing, pulsating, spacey sounding drone music with layers of ambience all put together rather well I think. At times it can sound quite celestial and there’s the odd sound in there that reminds me of Philip Glass, but then there’s the odd sound in there which is like the Eraserhead soundtrack ‘n all. It drifts from the beautiful to the ugly (sometimes in the same song) and if you stick with it to the end you’ll discover there are many riches to be had here. I’m particularly fond of all of the spacey sounding noises!

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