Michiru Aoyama – In a Dream

Michiru Aoyama – In a Dream


Michiru Aoyama is a 29 year old ambient composer from Kyoto. He studied electronic music in Berlin and the result of that journey led him to ambient music. Fast forward a couple of years and the young producer has managed to showcase an understanding of experimental music that rivals that of already established artists in the genre. His most recent piece, which holds the title “In A Dream” will be a true soundtrack for the ambient aficionado worldwide. The album opener To You, Relax, gently leads the listener into a warm and calm world where the noise of everyday life seems too far to notice and too soft to interrupt. Relaxation seems to be the name of the game and Aoyama sounds like a capable game master. Sparse layers of synths are laid on top of gentle drones and waves of field recordings and the result is a wonderfully serene experience. The music is exactly what it should be and nowhere does it feel like it becomes overly ambitious or eclectic, which does wonders for the consistency of the overall sound. Pure, organic sounding ambient music by Michiru Aoyama for Shimmering Moods Records. Highly limited CD, 100 hand-numbered copies with beautiful artwork in a special package with numbered photos.

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