Gallery Six – Gasansui

Gallery Six – Gasansui


Amazing floating ambient music on Shimmering Moods Records. Highly limited CD, 100 copies worldwide, with beautiful artwork in a special package…

Hidekazu Imashige aka Gallery Six is an artist and composer who lives in Hiroshima, Japan. For his new album “Gasansui” he has crafted a delicate collection of ambient moodscapes which are ideal for relaxation and introspection. Each track is a gorgeous picture come to life where the sound of birds chirping, water dripping or leaves rustling are underpinned by a bed of majestic keys and soothing pads. Green grass or blue water is often subdued or altogether washed out, allowing the music’s form to disappear in mist, as though it is being played from somewhere deep within a painting that threatens to swallow those who look upon it.

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