Colbets – and silence

Colbets – and silence


Colbets is a Japanese duo of Saitoh Tomohiro from Shreber Harber Mole Flying Wheel who teamed up with guitarist Kari Takemoto to form their ambient minded project Colbets, from Tokyo Japan. Silent music of resounds, time sleeps and warm air. “and silence” is their 5th album following releases from labels such as Twisted Tree Line, Vent and U-cover.

Based around Kari Takemoto guitar and Saitoh Tomohiro synthesizer and trumpet, including collaboration with cello James Bryan Parks (aka Holy Kind Of) “and silence” contains five beautiful tracks become a very atmospheric experimental journey. Featuring stunning cover art from Phil Gardelis (aka Zenjungle) This release comes in a printed 2 panel card edition of 50 copies with factory replicated disc.

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