Cuushe – Butterfly Case

Cuushe – Butterfly Case


“Butterfly Case” is Cuushe’s brand new breath-taking 2nd full length album, coming four years after her beautiful debut “Red Rocket Telepathy” and the subsequent “Girl You Know That I Am Here But The Dream” EP.

While Cuushe’s debut album put more focus on field recordings and found sounds, in “Butterfly Case”, you can see her moving graciously from her dreams into reality, expressing herself with delicate analog tape, distorted synths, drum machines, looped guitars and her signature feathery vocals. This wonderful album is co-produced by flau label mastermind aus, with Geskia at the mastering helm. These astonishing new songs allow us see a new vision, an imagination from Cuushe that we’ve never seen before.

The balearic guitar-house track “I Love You”, which is one of the most popular tracks from the album, has already been receiving raving reviews from the press both in Japan and overseas, while the ambient-ish R&B take in “Hanabi” is a wonderful reminiscent of Cocteau Twins & early 4AD meet soul music. Cuushe’s uniquely beautiful voice, and the delicately beat-driven music that was masterfully produced in “Butterfly Case”, has undoubtedly unfolded a new exciting dimension in dream pop music. by Tim McGregor & Wei Yuen, mu-nest.

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