Covarino / Incorvaia – Perugia

Covarino / Incorvaia – Perugia


Playing with total freedom from any predefined structure, Covarino/Incorvaia entered a studio in Granada, Spain, with just one rule – to play strictly live, not use any studio trickery such as overdubs or editing, and just see how the music would evolve. The result is an instrumental ambient-rock album that takes influences from artists such as Tortoise and The For Carnation.

After a break of 14 years without playing music together, Francesco Covarino (drums) and Alessandro Incorvaia (guitar) met for five days in a rehearsal room in their hometown of Perugia in central Italy during Christmas 2015, where they improvised and recorded demos of what would become their new album – Perugia. Several phone calls later, they went into the studio in April 2016 without having played together in four months.

Covarino/Incorvaia get together when they can to play music, mostly as a duo or sometimes with the help of a bass player. Perugia is their debut album.

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