Max Ananyev – Communication

Max Ananyev – Communication


Each piece on Max Ananyev’s album Communication is dedicated to a particular object or phenomenon – the magnetism of water, the energy of different trees, the effect of the moon on the human psyche – all the things we don’t understand, but that we easily feel. For Max, the word “communication” relates to how he perceives the world and his direct contact with the objects in it.

Communication uses a range of acoustic instruments and electronic textures to create a sound full of acceleration, deceleration and pauses. At the heart of Max Ananyev’s music is the idea of the variation of dynamics and lack of a stable tempo in composition that mimick the unpredictable processes that occur in nature. “There is so much rhythm and tempo in our daily lives,” says Max, “it sometimes seems to me that our metronomic lifestyles deprives us of a certain freedom and means of expression.”

Born and raised in Obluchye, 8,000 kilometers from Moscow on the border with China, Max Ananyev is a Russian composer and sound producer based in St. Petersburg. Communication is his first album on Preserved Sound.

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