Butterfly In The Snowfall

Butterfly In The Snowfall


Butterfly In The Snowfall are a group made up of members from the Rune Grammofon band, Astrïd, and Sylvain Chauveau.

Astrïd performed at the HomeNormalism festival in summer of 2013, blowing the audience away with their incredibly organic, transfixing music. Their music has been likened to Laughing Stock-era TalkTalk, which is a very apt description really. Formed in 1997 around Cyril Secq and Yvan Ros, as a guitar/drums duet, Astrïd has stabilized with successive arrivals of the violinist Vanina Andreani (1998) and the clarinetist Guillaume Wickel (2005). Their music takes its roots in improvised music, 70’s folk and jazz, classical and contemporary music, from Ravel to Arvo Pärt. From 2007, the group has lived and worked between Nantes and Marseille (France). They are also well known as common collaborators and performers with Rachel Grimes.

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Sylvain Chauveau has made solo records on labels such as FatCat, Type, Les Disques du Soleil et de l’Acier, Brocoli, Flau, Nature Bliss, and more. He has performed worldwide (Europe, North America, Asia) and has made remixes for various musicians and bands. He runs the label Onement , where the concept is to release one-copy LPs, and co-runs the I Will Play This Song Once Again Records where the artists have to re-record their songs for each buyer. He has made soundtracks for numerous feature films and dance shows. Sylvain Chauveau is also a member of 0 (with Stéphane Garin and Joël Merah), of Arca (with Joan Cambon) and of On (with Steven Hess).

Butterfly In The Snowfall’s self-titled debut is one of our most unashamedly beautiful, open releases to date. Within its organic psychedelic tapestry is an unbridled heart, a distinct poetry that literally and metaphorically sings through the haze.

The roles of the band are as follows: Vanina Andréani (violin, kalimba, juno) Sylvain Chauveau (vocals, harmonium, rhodes) Cyril Secq (guitars & bowed guitars, juno, rhodes) Guillaume Wickel (clarinet, bass clarinet, metallophone) Please take your time to enjoy this wonderful release from a uniquely talented group.


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