Yellow6 – Sounds and Moving Pictures

Yellow6 – Sounds and Moving Pictures

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Live in Europe 2011 CD/DVD Set… Recorded live in Europe Spring 2011 at the Live Looping Festival, Antwerp. Additional live recordings processed by David Newlyn as ‘Comatose with the Season (Pts 1-6)

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00:30 (original on In time This too will Fade)
Plane Ari (new song written during the tour)
Norwest Passage (original on When the Leaves Fall Like Snow)

Comatose With The Season (1-6)

Tracks 1-3 recorded live at ArenbergSchouwburg, Antwerp, Saturday March 5 2011, Live Looping Festival curated by SjaakOvergaauw. Recordings from video by Ronald Mariën. Audience recording by Marc Kokocinzki. Recordings from two sources mixed by Jon Attwood.

Tracks 4-9 processed and edited by David Newlyn from live recordings made by Marc Kokocinzki at Wanquetin, Liege, Lille and Paris Feb/Mar 2011.

Moving Pictures [digital versatile disc]:

Antwerp Live Looping video recording and editing

Ronald Mariën and Benjamin Van Der Zalm

Drifting – video NiclazErlingmarc (Elenziah Film), soundtrack(s) improvised live in the studio June 2011

Realisation – video by Badhand Film, Realisation from the album Painted Sky.

9732 Teaser – video by Elenziah Film soundtrack Telescope Peak from the album Music For Pleasure

Slide Show – photographs from European Tour Feb-Mar 2011 by Marc Kokocinzki and Andre Seesink

Joint release by Lunasylum / Editions6 P06S01/E6:06


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