The Inventors Of Aircraft – Where The Light Stops

The Inventors Of Aircraft – Where The Light Stops


This is the standard sleeved version of the The Inventors Of Aircraft release, “Where The Light Stops”. Each factory pressed disc comes in a hand printed/stamped white sleeve.

Inspired in particular by the decline and privatisation of the railway industry in the UK, and the consequent many melancholic and abandoned railway stations throughout the country, this full length album with it’s nostalgic and elegiac electronic vibrations, captures in an abstract and yet familiar manner the conceptual atmospheres and mental imagery connected with trains and their reference points of the countrysides flashing by, of the rumbling of the tracks, and in general of a feeling of loss and distancing from those slower times and leisurely travels of the past. Using sampled field recordings and electronically treated instrumentations, TIOA brings out the trainspotter in us all…and leaves us longing to purchase a ticket to a dream.

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