Territoire – Mandorle

Territoire – Mandorle


Comes with 8 pages lyrics booklet…

Territoire, the new project from Olivier Arson after The Folding and the Point, bring together a constellation of alternative Spanish artists to offer a stripped, ambient creature that roams around a panoramic post-rock.

After 3 years of obsessive recording sessions of a music made of skin and steel, more physical, organic and narrative, he achieves his most personal work as well as his most collective thanks to the collaboration of a constellation of musicians from the alternative spanish scene, and that now concludes with the release of
“Mandorle”, an elusive and addictive mystery.

Eight scenes, silent or narrated in french, that shift between dark drone ambient, a singular, creeping pop concerned with articulating silences and physical gestures which Taylor Deupree, founder of the 12k label, in charge of mastering, has perfectly respected, and a variable post-rock leaning towards the elastic tension of jazz or exploding in outbursts of kraut-rock.

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