Mind Of Mirrors – Check Your Swing

Mind Of Mirrors – Check Your Swing


Over the duration of Mind Over Mirrors’ “Check Your Swing”, these dense Indian pedal harmonium fogspheres, fizz like a cherry cola bottle springing a leak on a pottery wheel. Amped with tribalist percussions (“Mound Building”), strategic somnambulism (“Second Nature”), and a canny knack for recouping the archer’s phrase, creator Jaime Fennelly blames destiny for the moonlit sky, with Hands In The Dark label symbolism, whereas he’s actually closer to a sonic satellite.

Likening himself to Quosp and Nova Scotian Arms sonically, MOM makes a killing on wheat flour, filtering through his tunes, up to closer highlight “Steady Miller”. Commencement “Breaking A Jam” bubbles with a raw energy that doesn’t dissipate. It enables me to wish, making a fresh word for this ‘in flux’ state: “rekinetics”. Meaning: ‘registration of an appropriate meaning or action through energy’. Pulse on “Check Your Swing” remains a steady 88bpm or so, with employed feints, and slipstreaming of different sonic measures, with capacity restraints.

It’s where Mind Over Mirrors lets the grooves just chug it out like a cardiovascular sushi that he produces best results. Reasoning for the paradoxical somnambulism working is MOM’s records sound lost in hypersleep, having only muscularity to quantify reality, with a heavy undertow of stylus sleepydust. “Pass Into The Driftless” resonates fields of wholeness for this LP, also a great playlist ender. Simply put, “Check Your Swing” is well worth your money. – Fluid Radio

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