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    Mind Of Mirrors – Check Your Swing

    Over the duration of Mind Over Mirrors’ “Check Your Swing”, these dense Indian pedal harmonium fogspheres, fizz like a cherry cola bottle springing a leak on a pottery wheel. Amped with tribalist percussions (“Mound Building”), strategic somnambulism (“Second Nature”), and a canny knack for recouping the archer’s phrase, creator Jaime Fennelly blames destiny for the moonlit sky, with Hands In The Dark label symbolism, whereas he’s actually closer to a sonic satellite. Likening himself to Quosp and Nova Scotian Arms sonically, MOM makes a killing on wheat flour, filtering through his tunes, up to closer highlight “Steady Miller”. Commencement “Breaking A Jam” bubbles with a raw energy that doesn’t dissipate. It enables me to wish, making a fresh word for this ‘in flux’ state: “rekinetics”. Meaning: ‘registration of an appropriate meaning or action through energy’. Pulse on “Check Your Swing” remains a steady 88bpm or so, with employed feints, and slipstreaming of different sonic measures, with capacity restraints. It’s where Mind Over Mirrors lets the grooves just chug it out like a cardiovascular sushi that he produces best results. Reasoning for the paradoxical somnambulism working is MOM’s records sound lost in hypersleep, having only muscularity to quantify reality, with a heavy undertow of stylus sleepydust. “Pass Into The Driftless” resonates fields of wholeness for this LP, also a great playlist ender. Simply put, “Check Your Swing” is well worth your money. – Fluid Radio
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    Lumerians – Transmissions From Telos: Vol. IV

    Limited edition run of 300 copies in 12″ clear vinyl… Lumerians are garage scholars of the weird. The Oakland-based quintet could be named for Lemuria, the long-lost sunken continent ruled by primitive mystics. But note the spelling: Lumerians, not Lemurians; a clear nod to son et lumiere, the fusion of sound and light that is one of the hallmarks of deep trance and media. Lumerians play droning dance music for the soul you forgot you had – the noise of the billions of switches in your brain shutting off and on in perfect harmony. Two years after their killer album debut-album Transmallinia, Lumerians are ready to unleash a new LP of lost orphan songs called Transmissions From Telos: Vol. IV. Transmissions Vol. IV is a selection of spontaneous music from the Lumerians hard drive catacombs. Side A are fragments of raw stellar ore. Unnamed and unclassified, delivered with a thin protective lubricant to prevent violent combustion in the Earth’s oxygen rich atmosphere. Side B is a trans-dimensional demon love child, imploding with raging love, but too grotesque to live in this world. Left anonymous lest the utterance of his name bring doom to us all. Vol. IV is the firstoffering in a continuing episodic odyssey.
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