Minadeo / Brown – Wood Land

Minadeo / Brown – Wood Land


‘Wood Land’ features deluxe packaging with a perfect bound booklet of 28 pages, matte digipak, housed in a slipcase…

Wood Land is a story of a nameless worker caught in the mundanity of placid bureaucracy. Wood Land is a story of buried towers and subtle rebellion. Wood Land is a story of unsubtle rebellion and totalitarian overthrow. Wood Land is a story of deep space awakening and astronaut spiders. Wood Land is a story of return and reconciliation. Wood Land is a story.

Scored by Joseph Minadeo and written by Curt Brown with imagery by both.

Sonically, ‘Wood Land’ was an extension of Joseph Minadeo’s first foray into ambient – ‘sounds from a photograph’, a ‘Pearl’-esque LP of Lanois affected piano and placid drones. ‘Wood Land’ extends that premise and gives a hazy nod towards Noto and Sakamoto’s collaborative soft digital clicks and sustained piano.

Airy atmospheres are constructed with multiple piano layering plus guitars dissolving into despondant organ, synth sequencing and minimal drum padding. Slow cadences of hope and light are countered with ominous sonatas. Indescernible Vocals, courtesy of Gabriela Kropf, are mixed into the mellotron choirs.

Joseph Minadeo is a composer behind the former Akron, Ohio (now Los Angeles) based Patternbased label. He is also a member of the post-rock outfit Low in the Sky. He recently moved to California to dig deeper into art and music.

Curt Brown is an Akron, Ohio based artist and is a co-founder of Rubber City Noise, a collective that runs a record label and arts space in Akron. Current projects include Black Unicorn and Cane Swords among others.

Several tracks from ‘Wood Land’ were used in the global collaborative documentary film ‘One Day on Earth’ (along w/ Sigur Ros, Beirut, Cut Chemist and Mum).

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