Mathieu Lamontagne – Recivides

Mathieu Lamontagne – Recivides


Mathieu Lamontagne’s “Recivides” is on the Twice Removed Editions sub label. Mathieu is also known as Arbee Monkey and has appeared on labels such as Recycled Plastics, Somehow, as well as Net labels such as Pertin _Nce, Relaxed Machinery and others. He also collaborates with other artists such as Specta Ciera, Bleupulp and others as well as being in groups Allumettes and Anachronic XP. “Récidives is about things that change. Those things that change slowly, subtly. One day, you wake up and realize that fall is near, that somebody you love is quietly moving away from you. Only yesterday, my son was born, now is going to school… Récidives is about slowly moving melodies, sounds. Evolving sounds, Evolving people.” This release comes in an edition of 30 copies with each copy coming with a custom postcard and individual recycled magazine paper sleeve.

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