Irving Park – 3 5 1

Irving Park – 3 5 1


Pre-order: Release date 01.06.17

Each copy of this beautiful album will be completely unique from the next including dusty Bartholomew clothbound maps, circa 1880-1940. With each listener being in the possession of a map, treasures are waiting to be unearthed. As such, '5 2 1' takes the listener on a deeply personal journey which mirrors the very subjectivity of music; each and every listener will experience it differently. Life echoes into the music, because the journey is what ultimately matters, the invaluable experiences shaping the record for all of its days to come, and navigation is never a straight forward thing!

A complete / unique vintage (very rare) Bartholomew's clothbound foldout map, 3 x hand stamped three inch CDs housed in coloured seethrough covers, set of three Gerald Leslie prints pressed on luxury 250g gesso card stock, vintage roll-bell bus tickets individually numbered to represent the number of each CD edition. All of the above rests inside stitched / sealed / numbered vintage brown waxed bags with scent. These little beauties really are completely unique 'one off limited editions'.



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