Good Night & Good Morning (CD)

Good Night & Good Morning (CD)


Following an ultimately fruitless two years spent in short-lived bands which pursued the style of aggressive rock music that has strong roots throughout their home state of Illinois, Champaign based musicians Pat Elifritz and Ryan Brewer decided to try a different approach and formed Good Night & Good Morning, a two piece project which focuses on building textures of guitar into songs which join hushed vocals with droning organ and vibraphone melodies. Good Night & Good Morning first self-released a five track CDr and then had a brief spell as a three piece with harpist Róisín Maguire, but after appearing on second work Studentin, Maguire left to pursue a degree at New York University and it was in this freshly condensed state that the pair spent six months recording this self titled release in the basement at Elifritz’s parents home.

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In the way which they use vibraphone, slow electric guitar strumming and earnest vocals, the influences of Good Night & Good Morning do shine through quite clearly and the band are reminiscent of seminal indie band Bedhead as well as other comparable outfits such as Low and Codeine. Still, while Bedhead and their contemporaries inspired a wash of imitators, their influence here is checked by the presence of more markedly experimental elements and it would be disingenuous to suggest that Good Night & Good Morning are derivative of the aforementioned bands. Rather, Good Night & Good Morning can be broadly compared to other currently active groups which fuse ambient ideas with indie and slowcore influences, occupying somewhat similar sonic territory to more wistful material from Real Estate or perhaps even Beach House.

Though the deep earnestness of the tracks can feel a little saccharine at times, when Good Night & Good Morning are on form, they produce beautiful and moving music which nails the laid back aesthetic they strive for quite perfectly. Elifritz and Brewer have a strong chemistry and a tightness to their various instruments’ interaction which belies the carefree sound they impart to the casual listener. Having relocated to Chicago, Good Night & Good Morning are now in the process of recording a full length album, which on the basis of this highly enjoyable and well executed CD, should be much anticipated indeed.


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