Gideon Wolf – I Am Wolf

Gideon Wolf – I Am Wolf


Limited edition of 75 c40 produbbed and imprinted cassettes. Pro printed double sided J card…

I am Wolf is a departure from my debut album Paper released on Fluid Audio last summer. The modern classical elements of my previous album (piano and cello) have been replaced with vocals and a more dynamic use of electronic beats and ambient textures. The contrasts of hard and soft are starker on these tracks and the ambient elements are holding together what might spill over into chaos at any moment.

At the outset of this album it was clear for me that I wanted to go further with the treatment and use of my voice which I had begun to explore on my first album and to see where writing lyrics and singing would take me. On I am Wolf the voice or song is used primarily as an instrument, and although it often threatens to come forward I’ve rarely allowed it to break free from the other repetitive elements of the music.

Neon Marks is probably the only really recognizable song on the album but even so all the tracks here have been informed or created around structures and ideas that began at one stage with the voice. If Paper had been about movement and traveling through urban spaces, then I would say that this album represents traveling at night and the darker imaginary spaces these nocturnal worlds create.

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