Elian – Cutting up the Sun

Elian – Cutting up the Sun


The second release on The Long Story Recording Company comes from American experimental electronic musician Elian aka Michael Duane Ferrell who has been making music for over 8 years with the most recent, “Harrowgate” (Home Normal, 2015) getting glowing reviews from the likes of A Closer Listen and Textura – “Heavily synthetic and electronic in character, Harrowgate is many things: multi-dimensional, chilly, severe, mystical, and even, yes, harrowing. Waves of synthetic sounds ebb and flow whilst percussive noises of indeterminate origin punctuate the streaming flow with their alien presence.”

“Cutting up the Sun” is his new album. Elian describes his process of constructing tracks as “I try to create music that’s coloured by beauty, but also by abstract, angular and at times noisy elements. That midway position between what could be called ambient music and noise is where I hope to land. I also try to convey the tension that’s involved with creating art – the sense that total failure is a possibility. In other words, that duality between failure and actually pulling something off. Without that particular difficulty as an artist, I don’t know why I’d even bother to create.”


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