Cokiyu – Mirror Flake

Cokiyu – Mirror Flake


Ee-mastered edition with bonus remixes from Ametsub (mille plateaux/progressive form), Tyme. and Geskia (flau).

Open up your ears to the new era of Japanese contemporary pop music. We are proud to announce flau’s first cd release Mirror Flake, is the beautiful debut album by the talented female artist cokiyu who hails from Ehime, Japan.

As a vocalist, she participated in albums and live performances of aus. Mirror Flake sets a new standard in the genre of bedroom pop. The album instills soft-hearted shoegaze sounds into delicately beautiful melodies which are organically mixed with the graceful use of instruments like toy piano, music box, guitar (by ueda takayasu), and the gorgeous whispery voice of cokiyu that has sparkled in Curveland of aus.

Mirror Flake is definitely a must have for the fans of Japanese pop. – flau


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“Your Thorn” arrives sometime since Cokiyu’s previous record, “Mirror Flake.” In that period it would appear that the artist has not only refined her sound, but also developed ways to give it a greater sense of illumination. She does so without ever feeling overly busy or complicated. The result is a highly enjoyable fusion of pop and electronic noises, providing listeners with a modern twist on the formula of making attainable and catchy, yet detailed and textured music. – Fluid Radio


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