The Boats – Faulty Toned Radio

The Boats – Faulty Toned Radio


The 6th outing onto waters uncharted for the enigmatic Boats. Uncharted waters simply because The Boats refuse to be channeled into the niche so easily assigned to them.

Having been kindly approached by aus and the Flau stable from Japan, for a statement of their musical intent, The Boats obliged. True to hearfelt form, they have generously delivered their most accomplished, and highly personal ships log to date. But listen closely, and dont get too comfortable with your dividing fencelines of genres as the horizon is blurred from on the ship’s deck by the haze of distance from familiar isles.


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They’re still on the same ship, with distinctive melodies exclusive to them and the characteristic attention to detail, though they’ve discovered new lands within the electronic landscape by utilising both acoustic and digital navigation techniques and treating them to their unique shaping.

Never mind drawing inspiration from their personal circle of admirers and friends, as is almost a staple ingredient on a Boats record, but also this time from the circle without. This is most evident with the track names that show an almost forced humour at their musical pigeon-holing.

So, throw off your shackles, down the acoustic guitar, and allow the undulating textures reminiscent of the oceans to envelop your world. And lest we forget, don’t start with the Art, and get the Folk out of here.- flau


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