Attilio Novellino – Through Glass

Attilio Novellino – Through Glass


Attilio Novellino is an Italian soundartist born in Catanzaro in 1983. He started to make music under the moniker of “Un vortice di bassa pressione”, under which he has released “Anonymous said” (2009, Inglorious Ocean), a mainly electronic-ambient work with some post-rock echoes. He also curated and contributed a track to “Underwater Noises” (2010, Ephre Imprint / Lost Children), a compliation album about the theme of water, which contains tracks by 15 Italian artists. A one-track Ep called “Lost Days” will be released in January by Small Doses. Attilio is also a member
of Sentimental Machines.

Through Glass emerged from thoughts about the power of the light filtered through glass: as the light, so the sound can be reflected in a thousand directions, giving rise to previously inaudible material, with a mysterious and intense charm. Attilio Novellino explores the intersection between noise, dissonance and melody, with a physical and emotional approach to his compositions, aiming to create an unconventional and uncontrollable beauty. Guitar, electronics, deep basses, field recordings, piano and harsh distortions are used to build dreamy and melancholy soundscapes, to draw floating layers and to launch drone textures that become noise, streaked by misty romanticism, characterized by a pronounced emotional side that combines post-industrial visions, deep-sea creature lights, nocturnal glows, blurred pictures and old memories.

Over the last years, Attilio Novellino has performed at festivals and art events such Flussi Festival and Diagonal Jazz / Diagonal Visual, playing, during the last edition, a fully improvised set with Ahleuchatistas, as a duo with his live partner Leastupperbound.

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