Kutin – Ivory

Kutin – Ivory


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‘Ivory’ is the third solo-record by Vienna-based ‘soundworker’ Peter Kutin. The guitar is the instrument that creates / triggers most of the sound we can hear on this record, real-time transformed by Peter’s laptop. Only for three tracks other instruments were used additionally: a viola, a korg synth and a double bass, the latter being played by Matija Schellander on the sparkling ‘after the plague’ (#4).

‘Ivory’ developed while Kutin was writing music for old silent movies for the Austrian film-archive. Somehow one can still hear the filmscore, the cinematographic idea within the music. The album offers sounds that will thrill our ears, allows journeys through different sonic spaces, creates pictures inside the listeners head; ‘world without end’ might be the only track that almost reaches the format of a ‘pop-track’, while most of the other tracks want and need you to listen closer. The minimal final anthem ‘lonesome monster’ seems to move only in its spectrum, not in metrum. The partial-tunes sing the song. A piece of music that stretches time, positioning itself somewhere besides Stars of the Lid’s orchestral style.

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