Andrei Machado – Catarse

Andrei Machado – Catarse


Cover art by Jamie Silveira (The Album Leaf) this is a stunning 8 track Neo Classical release that comes in a printed card sleeve and factory replicated disc…

Twice Removed is proud to announce the release of Andrei Machado”s “Catarse”. “Catarse” (translated to English means Catharsis) is Andrei’s third album, but first as a physical product. Andrei Machado is a composer from Brasília, Brazil. Composing ‘Catarse’ was a constant search for the essential. A search for quiet, serenity and peace. A search for less.” Andrei’s previous releases were “Lacuna” (2008) and “Étant” (2009) and both came out on the Brazilian Sinewave net label. His influences are neo-classical music and minimalist artists like Peter Broderick, Bosques De Mi Mente, Max Michta, Goldmund and Michael Andrews.

“With a soft touch and a mix of elegancy, Andrei Machado blends beautiful soundscapes with heartbreaking melodies, giving you, at the same time, the feeling of freedom and anxiety. And it’s definitely something a human being should experience.” (The Siren Sound).

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