Zelienople – Hollywood

Zelienople – Hollywood


Hollywood has a real sense of symmetry, dividing itself into two pieces of almost identical length (both hover around the twenty-one-and-a-half minute mark), capturing the Chicago avant-rockers in starkly tenebrous form, carving out drone-shaped sounds from synthesizer, percussion, saxophone and flute.


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Intriguingly, first piece, ‘Misty’ is said to have been inspired by the grand orchestral scores of old MGM and Disney movies, although you’d be pressed to identify the link without prior knowledge. It is, however, a wonderfully substantial piece, brought to life by strikingly lyrical, harmonised wind instruments and a neat line in dispersed cymbals and bells. It all remains fairly abstract and smudgy, but this is a very warm and melodious piece despite the dark-ambient styled production traits.

‘Drug Legs’ is up next, reportedly influenced by film noir, although you might find yourself drawing parallels with the Blade Runner OST thanks to the combination of languid sax and synth-scapes that’s especially prominent through the opening stages. The piece mutates wildly over its lengthy duration, dissolving into bouts of airy ambience, bloopy sci-fi electronics – even occasionally hinting at pitch-shifted jazz.


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