Wegrzyn – Volksmusik

Wegrzyn – Volksmusik


”Volksmusik” is a debut full length release from Wegrzyn. Three short piano loops processed, edited and arranged into three lengthy ambient pieces. There was no other sound material used during the making of this album but those three loops.

Recorded and mixed in one week, ”Volksmusik” was inspired by a rather sad event in artist’s life. Eventually sadness gave way to a bunch of other feelings. Most of them very positive and uplifting. And those feelings combined with childhood memories of a number of summers spent in a beautiful place in the countryside with the most loving people, became the foundation of what would be released as ”Volksmusik”. Those people are no longer there. The place had changed almost beyond recognition. Recording took place a long way from the landscapes and imagery that inspired the music. But still.. in a countryside. Very different though.

The artist limited himself to the use of piano sounds only which helped him to stay focused on the possibilities of manipulating that sound. Through heavy audio processing a simple chord or even a single note would lead him to discovery of some interesting soundscapes and spaces. On the other hand, a rather short time spent on developing the pieces, made the initial feeling of nostalgia present throughout the record.

Lukasz Wegrzyn was born in 1979 in Poland. As a teenager he featured in a number of guitar oriented indie/rock/noise bands. In 2009 Wegrzyn started making music on his own as slept. Strongly influenced by all sorts of images and sounds he now happily records under his own name.

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