Usurper and Sticky Foster: II (CD)

Usurper and Sticky Foster: II (CD)


Brand new one from these Scottish improvisers Ali Robertson and Malcy Duff aka Usurper, here joined by UK underground legend and A Band member, Sticky Foster. Sticky Foster fits in perfectly with Robertson and Duff’s bizarre weirdo sound of somehow using a shit load of stuff that you can never quite tell what exactly it is doing what.


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I remember I saw these two lads down at the Rose Of England in Notthingham, both leaning over what seemed to be some kind of mic-ed up board and they were scrapping all kinds of objects all over it. This disc however opens with a bunch of total whacked out vocal madness that at one point almost sounds like the guys holding in laughter at god knows what insane expressions were across their faces while they’re making these bizarre noises.

Then even more weirdness kicks in with minimal creaking, popping, screeching, clicking and clunking. The second track is very much the opposite (on the whole) of the opener, which crashing vocal madness, wild clattering objects, strange woodwind type instrumentation, that I guarantee isn’t any item you’d find in your local music shop…

A fine example of the true underground outsider UK scene. Limited to 50.


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