Paul Baran – The Other

Paul Baran – The Other


The Other is Britain, Student protests, Riots, Neo Liberalism, Fear, Nationalism, Haiti, Chess, Geopolitical sum games, Potlatch, Celebrities, Obama, The Shoah, Love, Reflexive Impotence, The Wheel, Inversion, Tarkovsky, The Zone…

At least if you ask Paul Baran himself. To others, it might as well be an equally challenging and diverse collection of electro-acoustic atmospheres, rhythmic experiments, and theoretical manoeuvres, not without a touch of funk. The Other was composed by Baran and recorded together with Werner Dafeldecker, Axel Doerner, Lucio Capece, Sebastian Lexer and many others in Glasgow, and in STEIM studios in Amsterdam, over the last few years.

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