Palestine / Schaefer – Day Of The Demons

Palestine / Schaefer – Day Of The Demons


Flame-red limited edition vinyl with full color custom die cut mask on 12 point card stock with elastic straps…

Through the unending fog and beyond the impassable door, a voice emerges. Charlemagne Palestine, writhing in uncontrollable terror, moves to ward off the demons for the sake of the listener by howling through the void.
Janek Schaefer bellies a haven, a cocoon for the listener to hide in, to grasp some semblance of life that remains and hold on to it dearly. Bells chime ominously to help dispel the haunting and are yet another stark reminder of the impending doom.

What hath wrought them? What can be done against them? on this day, Charlemagne Palestine and Janek Schaefer have faced the darkness surrounding us, traversed through the fog, waded into the murky waters, and encountered demons that have surfaced from the dark recesses of the earth. herein lies the hope that was gained through facing the horror that was left unchained.

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