Moult / Colohan – Hexameron

Moult / Colohan – Hexameron


The deluxe limited version in an edition of just 75 copies is composed of original pages from a 100 year old book on the work of the obscure 15th century printer and illustrator, Anton Sorg. The collaged and inked and stamped envelope, comes in a hand worked, outer translucent envelope…with a selection of his medieval drawings, a banded CD sleeve made from a page of heraldic crests, and a large double sided insert, complimenting both Master Sorg, and the musicians themselves.

Hexameron is a collaborative effort between Richard Moult, and David Colohan… both of whom play with the brilliant neo folk group, United Bible Studies, and each of whom is involved with numerous other projects either on their own, or with others. This is a profoundly and deeply felt imagined soundtrack to the remote places of pagan pilgrimages, early Christian Hermitages, and the wanderings of the ancient wastelands of their unique heritage. This beautiful interplay of piano, electronics, and treated guitar work will take you across these ancient vistas and into the religious wilds of a Europa long gone.

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