Mote – Frames

Mote – Frames


Comes in recycled card sleeve from Guided Products with attached artwork…

I’ve composed Frames in the last 60 days of 2012. At the time I was still in my hometown, so all the songs were basically written in my bedroom with laptop, keyboard and earphones. In a certain sense, this EP is something that comes way before what Mote is: in fact, lately its completion convinced me about the path to take with this project.

I haven’t really planned anything about it, the whole year has been fairly troubled and my mood kept on waving daily so ultimately i’ve ended up with a huge amount of semi-improvised material written in scattered/sleepless nights. Every time it felt like pulling something out of my head and placing it in a frame so it could firmly stay there.

With no lyrics or straight references in the music itself, what i see in them stays implicit and as a consequence, the journey between the songs is always personal for the listener.

As a totally untrained musician i’ve always been extremely unconfident about what i write: yet today i think that this is the biggest limitation that i’m fighting against. Taking my first compositions out of that bedroom after all of this time represents a big challenge, it took me quite a while to accept it.

I wish these frames will show something to the listeners and, hopefully, that they’ll find more feelings and colours in them that i could even except.

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