McCann & Sullivan – Vanity Fair

McCann & Sullivan – Vanity Fair


Here we have Recital’s inaugural release, “Vanity Fair,” Sean McCann & Matthew Sullivan’s debut collaboration album. A fitting introduction to the ethos of Recital; the desire to turn a new page, to more accurately project what is significant and engaging in contemporary music.

Matt and I had often talked about collaborating, as our musical understandings and interests align. Both drawn to minimalism and graceful ambience, we would trade tidbits and slivers of ideas casually over coffee or wine. For the better part of a year, we procrastinated our theoretical project, which in retrospect allowed our ideas to ferment. So when it actually came time to pop the cork and record, everything fell right into place.


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What manifested in the studio was lush and enchanting. The pieces are quite varied, and range from the majestic to the tormented, occasionally synthesizing an almost humorous blend of the two. Presenting a manipulated animal and glockenspiel march, a chamber string and glass rhapsody, and a somber harp and phone ballad – it challenges the listener and expresses the development of both acclaimed artists. It is a timeless, refined effort, that both Matt and I are very proud of.

Meticulously mixed and mastered, resulting in a rather sonically remarkable pressing of 560 copies. – Rectical


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