Listen To The Weather

Listen To The Weather


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Listen to the Weather is a web-based project, produced for the Ear to the Earth festival, which uses sound to examine the role water plays in our ecosystem, as well as in our collective psyche.

Contributing artists from various international locations begin with weather data from the area they live in and a sample from a song of their choice which references water. The data and samples are then combined to create a soundpiece that is unique both artistically and geographically.

Starting with pure frequencies and samples draws attention to the raw data involved in studying our climate but also references the nuanced ways the environment informs our creative practices. Water already means different things to different people – growing up in drought-stricken Cyprus will give you a different understanding of its importance to living in rainy England. But as we respond to rising tides and more extreme climactic conditions it is set to shift in meaning once again.

Listen to the Weather aims to explore how water has contributed to our understanding of being human and suggest that these understandings will shift as our climate changes.

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