Leigh Toro – Layers of Ash

Leigh Toro – Layers of Ash


Leigh Toro has been producing music for the past twenty years. Back in the day he recorded under the guise of Flotel and released works on the excellent Expanding Records. More recently he has been recording under his own name and has had albums out on Eilean Records and Handstitched. We are excited here at Rural Colours to bring you his latest work Layers of Ash, an album of frayed granular resonances.

Layers of Ash started life as a series of short improvisations which were then woven together to create more developed pieces. Leigh tells us that he is currently producing longer form pieces of music that explore the textural qualities of digital distortion, bit reduction and resonance. He enjoys exploring the balance between the harsh noise and more subtle delicate sounds and how that balance can evolve over a longer period than he has worked on before.

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