Joe Evans – Septimal

Joe Evans – Septimal


Spectropol Records is delighted to announce the release of Septimal by UK composer Joe Evans. A 46-minute album that will be available as a Digipak CD-R and high quality download, Septimal features fourteen superlative tracks that explore the sonic and expressive potential of the autoharp.

Joe Evans writes: “While I initially conceived of Septimal as a study of microtonal harmony, it has developed into something far more complex and personal. The word Septimal, meaning “Pertaining to all things Seven” is not widely
used outside of the world of scales and temperaments, where it refers to intervals derived from the 7th harmonic. These intervals are often poor relations of intervals derived from the 3rd & 5th Harmonics, fighting for space on an otherwise occupied keyboard. By removing any notes derived from the 5th harmonic, the space opens up to allow the character of septimal intervals to shine, a coup within the harmonic series, perhaps?

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