Joe Evans – Ecliptic Plane (CD / DVD)

Joe Evans – Ecliptic Plane (CD / DVD)


This release is available in limited edition 100 x CDr & Data-DVD using high quality Aquaguard (matt) or Watershield (gloss) discs (depending on availability). The covers are made from recycled card. The video is released as a data file to ensure the highest possible quality is available… 

The Music:

I think it’s safe to say that space, and more specifically, the sun and planets, have been the inspiration behind a large number of musical projects over the years. While this work deals with some of this familiar subject, it does so with the emphasis on time and particularly by how it is marked by movement within the solar system.

The piece “Ecliptic Plane” was initially conceived as a gallery exhibit exploring the synchronicity of the planets and their moons. Once it was finished, it became clear that any release would need to be expanded to include a more complete picture of the solar system. Each track then came about through a combination of examining the properties of the subjects and a series of mathematical music experiments conducted in parallel.

The tracks “Ecliptic Plane” and “Resonant TNOs” extensively use the data from the planets, their moons and other objects to create their rhythms and harmonies. In the case of “Resonant TNOs” the musical scale was derived directly from the frequency ratios of the orbits of the titular objects themselves.

Whilst “Approaching/Receding Sun” and “Oort Cloud” are essentially impressionistic in nature, they are the results of mathematical experiments that have links with their subjects through mood and metaphor.


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The Video:

The video is a companion for the piece “Ecliptic Plane”. It shows the planets and their significant satellites in a series of eight videos. The scale of the objects and light angles closely match the real thing but the orbital periods of the moons have been adjusted so that they all return to their starting positions. While the film is not actually in black and white, no colour, planetary detail or star field, has been added. This is not an attempt at a realistic portrayal of the solar system but instead, when combined with the music, a expression of the places depicted from a human perspective.


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