Jannick Schou – Against a Backdrop of Blue Hills

Jannick Schou – Against a Backdrop of Blue Hills


Culled from hours of orchestrated tape loops, “Against a Backdrop of Blue Hills, They Were as Beautiful as a Lullaby” finds Jannick Schou circumnavigating the folds of a rich, effervescent landscape with monsoon-like drones, mountainous drifts, and suspended tones.

Tape loops designed as torrential storms, evasive sounds peak from crevices, me sat transfixed in a half-conscious state, between wake and sleep, exploring the nether regions with a thousand yard stare. “Against a Backdrop of Blue Hills…” provides the canvas for a drifting stasis, wavering and dissolving amongst glimmers of thoughts; me, immobile, intent on the far reaches of the ether, a study of the minutia, the cataclysm of antimatter, an assured focus of the universe condensed in my writhing hands, my feet seemingly suspended above the floor, weightlessness, a “Departure”, fleeting tracks such as “Untitled II (For Tape) and “A Wave in My Backyard” allow distance from the body, now a separate entity; the mind is adrift. All extremities go numb in “Blue Hills”; the listener is left with an awareness of location but one’s surrounding are intangible—the closeness of the music develops even further; an overwhelming oneness ensues.

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How to write about a dissolving? Of being erased as the music fades away? Jannick Schou fills in the emptiness with a persistent downpour of sound, creating an overabundance of feeling. I tried reading whilst listening but Proust’s words fell off the page. “Kant” designed images to wade in, mountains to explore, but words moved off the page as my eyes fell out of focus. There is a hollow. Schou mines dirge-like territory to find burrowed light. As “19.17” begins, I am reminded of Robert Creeley’s poem, “Oh No”.

When you fall into the noise and grasp the fine particles that gleam underneath, you will know when you have gotten there, and they, those whom you find, whether inanimate or not, will give you a place to sit.

Originally self-released as a digital download, “Against a Backdrop of Blue Hills…” is presented in a remastered, reedited, and recontextualized edition, packaged in a sublime letter pressed arigato pak by the astute folk(s) at Dead Pilot Records. The first 100 copies of this sublime release include a bonus CDr of remixes of Jannick’s works.


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