Glimlicht – Expressionistic Chrome

Glimlicht – Expressionistic Chrome


A very special edition of “Expressionistic Chrome” by Glimlicht, every copy is a unique one, hand made, special artwork by Glimlicht himself, only 50 copies available. High quality, professionally duplicated CDr's. Organic Kraft Covers are hand numbered.

“Expressionistic Chrome” consists entirely of tapeloops made out of casettes that I collected over the years. I usually got all the tape out and started cutting and pasting them, hoping to find that one special loop that carries serenity and contemplation. In this search I found loops that suggested slow static movements, like ships slowly crumbling through seas of static. They fitted perfectly with my experiences of seeing certain paintings at that time, that's how the concept of this album was born. I took certain paintings as examples and created the sounds based on what I was seeing and hearing in the frame.

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