Gianluca Favaron | Anacleto Vitolo – Zolfo

Gianluca Favaron | Anacleto Vitolo – Zolfo


“Zolfo” is born by the collaboration between Gianluca Favaron and Anacleto Vitolo. Both involved in many projects and music collaborations – Favaron with Corrado Altieri, Deison and in groups like Lasik Surgery, Maribor, Zbeen and Under The Snow; Vitolo with Doublebass player Francesco Galatro, Viola player Michela Coppola, Domenico Stellavatecascio (Internos) and many other.

The album was composed, recorded, and mixed between January and May 2016 and is a mix of several music elements and techniques, such as tape loops, cymbals, microphonic works and live electronic processing. The result is a combination of musique concrète, noise and drone music.

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