Flaherty / Corsano / Yeh Trio / Ambarchi

Flaherty / Corsano / Yeh Trio / Ambarchi

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Oceans of drum kit fire bawling and fluttering string overtones fuse a complex web of ear asterism, infiltrated by a woozy sax line that soon reduces in duration and increases the overall vehemence with fragmented reed chewing rasp & roar joining a myriad of coordinates in this dense labyrinth of free magic. On the flip stunningly crafted harmonic percolations of feedback glare and riff particles slam into tantric drum force blast beats by Matt Skitz Sanders, on this unexpected monolith from Oren. Art by Paul Coors.

The trajectory is straight for the horizon and bounds with a ceaseless velocity. This is one to crank up and lose your self in. – Foxy Digitalis

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