Félicia Atkinson – O-RE-GON

Félicia Atkinson – O-RE-GON


O-RE-GON was recorded by Félicia Atkinson in Portland, Oregon at Adam Selzer’s Type Foundry Studio.

The album was made on one rainy day in July 2010, when Félicia had already been traveling for 2 months coast to coast in the United States. She was just recovering from a Lyme disease she caught a week before in upstate New York in the deep woods. The sound engineer Adam Selzer showed Félicia all the instruments she could use, most of them she never played before: a fender rhodes, a marimba, and a harmonium, but also some she had used before: a (this time) golden electric guitar and a piano: this is how this day of musical wonder began. Félicia didn’t have any idea what she wanted to play, she had not touched an instrument for two months and wanted the tracks to be completely improvised. So they captured one track in the morning, Grey & Green, and one track in the afternoon: Green & Grey.


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The music was influenced by this special state of body and mind she was in, just in the middle of being sick and, beside this event, in the middle of a wonderful 4 month trip, and the many “ghosts” that appeared during this improvising session. The record is also a kind of elegy to some dark and beautiful destinies that ended in troubled water: Victor Hugo’s daughter Leopoldine (the lyrics of Green & Grey are a drift from one of his poems), of David Lynch’s ‘Laura Palmer’ and Robert Bresson’s ‘Mouchette’.


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