Ben Nash / Sophie Cooper – Alchemy

Ben Nash / Sophie Cooper – Alchemy


Recorded over a weekend back in the early months of 2009, here are 2 tracks of multi instrumental composition from Ben Nash and Sophie Cooper (CooperJones)…

The music here is truly beautiful, personally I think this is some of the best work to come from both Ben and Sophie so far. Total late night guitar meanderings blurred with a haze of deep churning scrapes from various instruments and layered drone bliss, creating 2 totally immersive and beautiful psychedelic drone.

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Some of the guitar playing here has a beautiful Loren Connors mets Ry Cooder Paris Texas era sound, and then when both Ben and Sophie reach for the gee-tars you have the beautiful mix of Ben’s reflective electric blues and Sophie’s purely relaxed acoustic musings, totally fantastic.

This really has it down for me as something truly different, lets hope that they continue to record as this duo. I certainly cannot wait for more…

Glass mastered pro pressed CD (not cdr) in pro printed full colour card wallet.


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