Ben Fleury-Steiner – While The Red Fish Sleeps

Ben Fleury-Steiner – While The Red Fish Sleeps


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This work picks up from where my last work Clearings (Rural Colours) left off but is a much more explicit embrace of the surreal. Rather than just sounds as abstract place constructions alone, I returned more consciously to oceanic sounds recalled from sense impressions and memory fragments. At some point I found myself very interested in something I did a lot in the past–namely allowing for a kind of soundtrack to emerge. I like that the listener is both passive and perhaps curious in a way that might evoke emotions and memories of their own. If I were to choose particular influences I would summarize in this way: What if Tarkovsky and Malick co-directed a remake of The Old Man and the Sea and Nurse with Wound an Alio Die were cast in sonic drag as Santiago. All kidding aside, I feel like this is the most realized of my works to date.


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