Anne Garner – Trusting A Twirled World (CD)

Anne Garner – Trusting A Twirled World (CD)


Following her 2005 debut album ‘Remaking The Pearl’, Anne Garner returns with ‘Trusting A Twirled World’, an album comprising six hauntingly beautiful pieces defined by delicate vocals, piano and manipulated sound. London based Garner was born in Burnley to a Baptist minister and then subsequently raised in Glossop, Derbyshire. A move to Sheffield coincided with the artists’s artistic blossoming and her early adulthood was spent performing, painting and composing until the devastating loss of her mother prompted songwriting with a new focus and resolve.

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‘Trusting A Twirled World’ is a labour of love created over a two year period, with the input of experimental music producer and owner of Slowcraft Records, James Murray. Originally consisting of piano and vocals, the tracks were then stripped to their elements before being carefully reconstructed with layered textures of complimentary acoustic and electronic structures. This painstaking method has given life to an album experimental in nature but anchored with an almost pop sensibility, comparable to Joanna Newsom’s earlier material, albeit from a different perspective distinctive to Garner and Murray.

The opening moments of first track ‘Haunt Me’ pairs evocative piano with Garner’s unique vocals, the artists’ floating voice punctuated by creaking floor and the sound of piano hammer strikes clearly. This technique is executed with subtle taste and makes for a very immersive listening experience, the gradual introduction of effects and electronics serving to whet the appetite. These electronics and effects are complimentary only and their success lies in the restraint of Murray and his choosing to highlight the existing beauty of the artists voice and piano.

‘The Tower’ utilises sparse electric keyboard melodies and reversed notes. There is an ancient quality to Garner’s voice, harking back to forgotten Celtic hymns lost to the ages. To describe ‘Trusting A Twirled World’ as lo-fi would be misleading as the recording is lush, clean and precise, yet their method of composition and subsequent recording imparts an organic essence into the songs.

Following tracks tend towards ever more noticeable ambience and experimentation until the abrupt end of ‘When To Stay’. It is to both Garner and Murray’s credit that there is not a moment of filler and all within ‘Trusting A Twirled World’ is executed without fault. If there is anything negative to be said about this album of rare beauty, it is only that the music has to eventually come to an end.


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